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Faculty Members




Dr.Chi-Hui Lin


  Professor of NTHU Department of Education and  Learning


  Dean of NTHU Teachers College

  Director of NTHU Center for Teacher Education

  CoursesQuantitative Research Method

         Exercise of Research Project

  Research ExpertiseQuantitative Research Method

              Multimedia Design in Teaching

                 E-LearningLearning Technology








Dr.Hsiao-Chin Hsieh


  Professor of NTHU Institute of Learning Sciences and


  Professor of NTHU Center for General Education

  Dean of NTHU Student Affairs

  CoursesQualitative Research Method

         Culture and Society

  Research ExpertiseSociology of EducationGender and

                 EducationEducational Policy Studies







Dr. Horn-Fay Cherng


  Associate Professor of NTHU Department of Education and

  Learning Technology

  Director of NTHU Center for Waldorf Education

  CoursesQualitative Research Method

         Preliminary Research Project on Waldorf Education

  Research ExpertiseWaldorf EducationAction Research

            Narrative InquiryCurriculum Studies







Dr. Peter Lutzker


  Professor of Freie Hochshule Stuttgart

  CoursesInquiry into Education and Anthropology

         Culture and Society

  Research ExpertiseTheater and Art in Teacher Education

                Theater in Foreign Language Teaching

                           Literature and Creative Writing in Foreign

                 Language teachingSensory Teaching

                      and Sensory Development







Dr. Gunter Keller


  Assistant Professor and Chair of The Seminar for

  Waldorfeducation Hamburg

  Visiting Scholar Chair in Education of National Tsinghua University

  Course Planner of Waldorf Teacher Training Program in National

  Tsinghua University

  CoursesTheory of Knowledge and Learning

         Nature and Economy in the Globalized World

       Culture and Society

  Research ExpertiseGlobalization and Waldorf Education

                 Materials and Examples of Upper-level

                 Geography Teaching

               Social Threefolding

            Theory of Knowledge and Learning